ADHD Program

Wellplace, Michigan functions as the Access Center for Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority (DWMHA). As the Access Center, Wellplace serves as the front door for individuals seeking mental health or substance abuse information and services in Detroit-Wayne County.

Wellplace, Michigan recognizes the importance of helping parents whose child may be experiencing symptoms of ADHD identify the symptom complex as soon as possible so that appropriate treatment can be obtained. ADHD is a highly prevalent disorder affecting 6% to 12% of school age children, and despite the national attention given to ADHD, it continues to go under-reported by up to 30%. The target population for this prevention program is children up to 18 years of age who may have undiagnosed ADHD or who have previously been diagnosed but could benefit from additional support through educational materials.

ADHD is a complex disorder and involves a mixed symptom profile that includes symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. While screening tools will take into account these three areas of impairment, screening is only a first step as a diagnosis of ADHD must be confirmed by subsequent reporting and professional evaluation.

Wellplace, Michigan ADHD secondary prevention program is aimed primarily at helping parents not only understand ADHD but also become familiar with the diversity of symptoms and the category of impairment to which they are associated. It seeks to help parents differentiate the three areas of possible impairment and to recognize their associated symptoms. Utilizing information from The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders- Fourth Edition (DSM IV; 1994) and material made available from The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), it provides a yardstick by which parents can evaluate areas of impairment and determine if additional referral or professional assessment is needed.

Furthermore, while this prevention program is specifically targeted at ADHD, it may also provide a tertiary benefit for identifying other disorders in need of treatment. Research has shown the comorbidity of ADHD with other behavioral health disorders to be 60% to 80%.

Targeted Group and Access

The ADHD prevention program is available to all health plan participants. Members are made aware of the program through their benefit handbook which directs them to the website. There they will find primary material for making an initial determination as to whether their child needs further assessment. They will also find a link for connecting to other educational material to help them better understand not only their child but also their role as a parent. If a member decides that further assessment would be helpful, Wellplace, Michigan Access Center’s toll free referral line is (800) 241-4949 or (313) 224-7000 TTY: (866) 870-2599 an appointment with a licensed clinical professional.