Major Depressive Disorder

Wellplace, Michigan functions as the Access Center for Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority (DWMHA). As the Access Center, Wellplace serves as the front door for individuals seeking mental health or substance abuse information and services in Detroit-Wayne County.

One of the most prevalent and debilitating mental health challenges facing adults is that of Major Depression. The Wellplace, Michigan Access Center acknowledges the devastating effects that Major Depressive Disorder can have on those who suffer from it as well as on their families and loved ones. Research has concluded that major depression affects up to 12% of men and up to 25% of women. It has also been able to determine that of those individuals with a diagnosis of major depression, less than 40% receive treatment, and of that group only 21% receive what is considered to be adequate treatment. Also, the National Institute of Mental Health considers Major Depression to be the leading cause of disability in individuals ages 15-44.

Even though it is a common disorder, depression still goes unrecognized and untreated in the vast majority of people who experience it. A 2008 study looking at concurrence between physician diagnosed depression and individuals who had scored positive on a depression screening, found that close to 70% of cases went undiagnosed. Given the probable high rate of undiagnosed depression, coupled with the fact that most people with depression go untreated, there is more than ample support for Pioneer Behavioral Health Access Center’s decision to focus on Major Depression as the target of its prevention program.

Wellplace, Michigan Access Center has made a commitment to help educate its members about the signs and symptoms of depression and to help determine whether or not they may be suffering from this illness, as well as receive the necessary treatment.

Targeted Group & Access

Wellplace, Michigan’s Depression Screening is open to all plan members and is available through its website. Educational material is provided highlighting the signs and symptoms of depression. Also available is a seventeen question self-administered and self scoring depression screening. Members who screen are given immediate feedback which will consist of an indication of no depression, or differentiates between a mild, moderate, or severe presentation. Members who wish further information, assessment, or treatment are referred to Wellplace, Michigan Access Center’s toll free number to schedule an appointment with a licensed clinical professional. The numbers are (800) 241-4949 or (313) 224-7000 and TTY (866) 870-2599.