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If you need personal help with substance abuse or mental health issues, please call our 24/7 hotline at 1-800-821-HELP (4357).

Wellplace Pennsylvania - Outpatient Services


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Outpatient Services Offered:

Wellplace delivers state of the art outpatient services where adults and adolescents can come to address behavioral and addiction problems in a safe and supportive environment. We provide professional, responsible, and quality driven treatment options that help individuals get back to a happy, healthy, and productive life. Wellplace is located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, 13 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Wellplace provides a variety of options to help individuals find the service most appropriate to their specific needs. These services include:


Our staff of professionals will conduct thorough assessments based on valid and proven guidelines so that a recommendation can be made for the most appropriate level of care and treatment referral.

Individualized Outpatient Counseling:

Wellplace offers individualized outpatient counseling for individuals facing a variety of mental health conditions or substance abuse addictions. At Wellplace, we understand that everyone has different needs; therefore, we will tailor your treatment to fit your needs. We believe that every client needs to actively participate in the process of developing their own treatment plan.

Family Support Groups:

Wellplace offers a weekly group to aid family members in gaining the skills to cope from the devastating effects that occur when a loved one is dealing with an addiction.

At Wellplace, we understand that families and friends of those facing the challenge of addiction suffer as well. As a result we understand the questions you have.

~ Why can't they just stop?
~ What does it mean to detach with love?
~ When does helping turn into enabling?
~ Should I physically detach from the addict?
~ Where can we all go to get help?

Chemical dependency is a confusing and frustrating illness that robs families of their joy, their peace, their time together, their money, their trust, their respect, their spiritual values.

Our family support groups provide answers and assists families in developing the skills necessary to cope with their issues. Our programs offer education, therapy, support and inspiration to friends and families impacted by substance abuse. We are one of the few agencies in Pittsburgh to offer extensive family programming specific to those impacted by addiction.
At Wellplace Family Groups, you will learn:

~ That disease of addiction has biological, psychological and social aspects that are progressive, primary, chronic and often fatal
~ That you can learn the skills to cope, no matter what the addict chooses to do
~ How to become aware of enabling behaviors and how to stop them
~ What detachment is and how to do it
~ How to use the support of others who are experiencing the same things you are
~ How to use the tools of recovery to recover from the devastating effects of this family disease
~ How to increase the chance of recovery for the addict
~ The language of addiction and recovery

Wellplace Family Groups offer a safe, confidential and supportive environment where your healing can begin. Through education sessions and experiential and therapy groups, you will learn the necessary skills to not only reduce your suffering, but to make an impact on the change of recovery for those with an addiction.

For more information about services or where to get help, contact our Pennsylvania Office at: 412-373-7173.

4326 Northern Pike, Suite 202
Monroeville, PA 15146


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